• October 20, 2022 8:53 AM
    Message # 12961150
    Julie Jacobs (Administrator)

    I have been asked to benchmark on therapy dogs vs service animals.

    We have an organization that trains dogs to be service animals and they want to do some training in the hospital for interaction with people etc in a medical setting.  My CEO is on board with this but i am having doubts.  

    If you would please take some time and answer the following questions:

    Name and Hospital:

    # bed hospital:

    How many therapy dogs do you have?

    Have you worked with a service dog organization to help with training?

    if you have worked with service dogs:

    Do your therapy and service dogs visit the same units?  IF not what are the differences?

    Are the "service" dogs part of your volunteer program?

    Do you use service dog training for employee morale booster or use therapy dogs for this purpose only.

    Can you send me copies of your therapy and/or service dog policies for review? (my email is

    I am guessing i know your responses to most of the questions, but was asked to find out!!!  I appreciate your help with this!

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