Department Structure?

  • April 23, 2020 3:15 PM
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    Diane Honsberger (Administrator)

    I guess a furlough means that I will return but my boss stated he has no return date yet. I’m thinking early June. 

  • April 22, 2020 5:17 PM
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    Cara Ranft (Administrator)

    Hi! So hard to read these messages and to know the tough times are not over yet :( 

    Diane, I am so sorry to hear about your lay off! Is is a lay off or a furlough? I am still trying to understand the difference! Thank you for the great advice - I absolutely agree with your recommendations! 

    Libby, I was so disappointed to hear about the position eliminations at Mount Carmel :( Our current structure is strong however, if the volunteers don't return for months, not weeks, I am not sure what that will mean? I hope the changes that come will be in the form of redeployments rather than furloughs or worse. I also hope volunteers are still comfortable coming to the hospital to serve in the same numbers as before! We currently have just over 1,000 volunteers with 4 FTE's in 1 hospital. Those FTE's include 1 full-time manager, 2 full-time weekday coordinators, 1 part-time education coordinator and 1 part-time weekend coordinator. 

  • April 22, 2020 4:54 PM
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    Barbara Nalette (Administrator)

    Hi Libby:

     Is this a decision based on the financial impact of COVID-19?

    Barbara Nalette


  • April 22, 2020 9:54 AM
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    Diane Honsberger (Administrator)

    Hi Libby,

    This is such a difficult time in our lives, and I know that our volunteer programs will be forever changed because of this pandemic. 

    I am currently laid off with no volunteers at our hospital and a closed Gift Shop. Hoping we will be back in June with my hours and support in place.

    I oversee 140 volunteers and our Gift Shop with a part time (26 Hrs per week) Administrative secretary.

    Several years ago I had a part time Gift Shop Employee who entered all my inventory who was cut due to financial constraints. I placed two volunteers to assist me with all of the work she previously did. It’s actually working out quite well. 

    My recommendation to you would be cut any programs or services that take a great deal of time and do not deliver the most bang for your buck. Utilize volunteers more to help in areas that support you. You get the advantage of choosing the cream of the crop. Don’t be afraid to streamline your programs. Cut staff equals less programs.  It is not worth the stress to try and keep your volunteer programs functioning the same with less resources. 

    Diane Honsberger

    Mercy Health-St. Anne Hospital

  • April 21, 2020 11:24 AM
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    Libby Ballentine (Administrator)

    Hello!  Happy National Volunteer Week!

    I hope that everyone is healthy and taking care of themselves.  I am hoping to get an idea of how your department is structured.  We recently learned that our team at Mount Carmel will be reduced by half.  As such there will only be two operations managers left to oversee roughly 600 volunteers at nine sites, with three of those being large hospitals.  Previously we had an operations manager at each of the hospitals, along with a regional director.  While we are in the midst of overhauling our program, I'd love to get some inspiration from others: 

    • How many people do you have on your team and how do you successfully divide the work? 
    • Have you experienced a similar reduction in force?  How did you pivot? 
    • Do you have other departments that support you directly without being tied to your budget? 

    Thank you - be safe!

    Libby Ballentine

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